Expect Resistance- No Fear I'm moving Forward

When your priorities shift "expect resistance" from those who have been categorized in your life. When you have that shift happen in your life, it's your responsibility to recognize it and own it. If you have been setting intentions for better and to rise above don't become anxious when you notice certain connections are disrupted. Disrupted connections can be a way of making room for manifestations of true desires. Resistance could be an indicator that greater is closer than you think. During your shifting season here are a few tips:

  1. stop fighting for reconnections of toxic relationships

  2. check in with your internal self daily, be honest about what you are feeling

  3. honor your boundaries, if you don't have any create 3 today

  4. if you notice that you have isolated yourself please seek help, reach out to friends today

  5. remember that resistance is apart of success and newness

Stay encouraged....what you want, wants you too. No shrinking. No backing up.

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