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Unsure about Therapy?

As you close out 2021 you may ask yourself: do I need to work on myself? Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are exploring if counseling is needed

1. Do I treat myself well?

2. Am I happy?

3. Do my relationships need improvement?

4. How am I handling conflict?

5. Are there traits that I want to decrease?

6. What are my stressors?

7. Am I indulging in alcohol, drugs, random sexual encounters more than usual?

8. Am I fantasizing about divorce?

9. Have I started an emotional or sexual relationship with a married person?

10. Have I become verbally abuse to my family?

Don't be ashamed. Seek help. If you can recognize it you can do the work to change it. Your healing is not contingent on another human being if healing is what you want start the process and stay committed.

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Unknown member
Dec 23, 2021


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