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the Practice of Cherlette McCullough, LMFT
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Cherlette McCullough

                                                                                   Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Cherlette McCullough trauma therapist, advocate, educator, and advocate who is known for her keen insight on unraveling the human experience as it relates to mental health.  A fresh voice in the world of women’s empowerment, trauma recovery and self-care. Cherlette is masterful at engaging audiences with her transparency and captivating personal story of life, love, loss and trauma recovery. She is the author of W.I.NK- what I need to know after the break up and a 30 day affirmations journal to start or continue the healing journey and is the owner of Center Peace Couples and Family Therapy a counseling and consulting practice.  Cherlette’s work is guided by one simple idea: most things seem complicated, but they are

actually, just hard. She is passionate about helping individuals rewrite their personal narrative and create a life of wholeness and fulfillment. As the in-house media contributor for the Live with Candice and Kris show on Afrotainment and Guest media contributor for local news stations

WFTV-9, WESH-2, Ivanhoe Broadcasting news & NPR radio station WMFE she brings relatable insight on mental health topics.

Cherlette enjoys community involvement she serves as the Vice Chair for the Mental Health Association of Central Florida Executive Board of Directors & Board of Directors member for Shepherds Hope  as well as 26th Health. Cherlette is married and mom to 3 wonderful bonus children.


* relationship counseling, individual counseling, family conflict, marital conflict, premarital counseling, depression, anxiety & grief counseling (individual & corporate).

* Workplace Wellness services for organizations- providing custom mental health workshops that are approachable, culturally relevant, and diverse. ⁠

Cherlette utilizes sound research-based techniques with her clients:

​Adoptions Competency Trained

Prepare and Enrichment Facilitator

·        Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

·        Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Informally Trained

·        Mindfulness and Solution-Focused techniques

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