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the Practice of Cherlette McCullough

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Cherlette McCullough

                                                                                  Provisional Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Cherlette McCullough trauma therapist, advocate, educator, and advocate who is known for her keen insight on unraveling the human experience as it relates to mental health.  A fresh voice in the world of women’s empowerment, trauma recovery and self-care. Cherlette is masterful at engaging audiences with her transparency and captivating personal story of life, love, loss and trauma recovery. She is the author of W.I.NK- what I need to know after the break up and a 30 day affirmations journal to start or continue the healing journey and is the owner of Center Peace Couples and Family Therapy a counseling and consulting practice.  Cherlette’s work is guided by one simple idea: most things seem complicated, but they are

actually, just hard. She is passionate about helping individuals rewrite their personal narrative and create a life of wholeness and fulfillment. As the in-house media contributor for the Live with Candice and Kris show on Afrotainment and Guest media contributor for local news stations

WFTV-9, WESH-2, Ivanhoe Broadcasting news & NPR radio station WMFE she brings relatable insight on mental health topics.

Cherlette enjoys community involvement as she serves on the Mental Health Association of Central Florida Board of Directors & The Faine House Board of Directors. Cherlette is married and mom to 3 wonderful bonus children.


* relationship counseling, family conflict, marital conflict, premarital counseling, depression, anxiety & grief counseling (individual & corporate).

* Workplace Wellness services for organizations- providing custom mental health workshops that are approachable, culturally relevant, and diverse. ⁠

Cherlette utilizes sound research-based techniques with her clients:

​Adoptions Competency Trained

Prepare and Enrichment Facilitator

·        Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

·        Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Informally Trained

·        Mindfulness and Solution-Focused techniques

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