3 "bad" things you have picked up about relationships...

As women we have picked up so many messages about friendships and relationships...amorous or platonic. No matter how bad we are treated, we stay in the relationship with the mindset of loyalty means taking bad treatment. Many of us stay in bad relationships because we feel that the other person will notice how worthy we are of exclusivity by enduring years of disrespect.

Are you guilt of these 3 things

  1. keeping things together no matter the cost ie. the cost of your mental peace

  2. Doing everything in the relationship due to being afraid if you asked for more it would end

  3. over doing and over giving to keep the attention of the other person

As you look over these 3 questions I hope they give you insight and courage to look deep at all of your relationships with discernment and begin to become more aligned with what you desire and make space for what you honestly want manifested in your life.

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