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3 reasons why smart women fall for emotionally unavailable men.

3 reasons the Career,Executive, Business Women fall for emotionally unavailable men

Written by Cherlette McCullough

There are specific qualities in the male character that appeal to women. Confidence. The man that has absolutely no insecurities….that you notice. Intelligence. The man who can hold an intellectual lengthy conversation. Leadership. The man who can lead a group or Corporation in the right direction financially.

All these qualities are great to desire in a mate however these are not the only qualities that is needed for a healthy relationship. More often then not women have a check list that includes things like, he must have a good job, he must be intelligent, and he must be on my level…meaning boss level. Women rarely require for the guy to be a great communicator meaning he can articulate his emotional needs, be compassionate meaning being able to allow me to be who I am without insult or Someone who does not avoid conflict meaning when there is a disagreement the two of you will commit to discuss for a win-win ending. Why do women over look these qualities? Could it be because of great SEX? Emotionally unavailable men may be some of the best partners you will ever sleep with. They might not be selfish in bed, but they are unbelievably selfish with their emotions.

Here are 3 reasons women fall for emotionally unavailable men:

1. After you see the red flags, you stay in the relationship thinking you can change him.

2. Low self-worth

3. The rejection in the relationship feels normal due to you experiencing rejection in your childhood.

Seeking validation from being in a romantic relationship at all cost is toxic. You deserve to be in a whole healthy relationship. After all you may not know what a health relationship looks like or feel like. If this is the case for you , its time for you to seeks some unbiased, professional help. Poor self-worth leads to poor Thinking that you can change a person is a false sense of reality. If an individual does not desire to change there will be no behavior changes. Lastly, rejection is a big one if you have experienced rejection from a parent/care taker or peers. Rejection causes us to have maladaptive coping skills.

Allowing yourself to go on a healing journey gaining the right perspective will keep you from accepting anybody just to have somebody. You can have a new perspective, a cleansed heart and a new plan when dating after you allow your self to truly be happy.

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