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5 Tips for a Stress free Holiday

With the Holidays fastly approaching it can be emotionally overwhelming managing your emotions around loss, time sharing, in-laws, high-conflict siblings/family members. I will be sharing with you 5 tips to help you manage your emotions during the Holidays.

Tip #1 : Setting healthy boundaries with friends, Ex’s, family, coworkers, employees & your church family! It's great to get to spend time with loved ones but it's okay to be aware of limitations when it comes to how much time you can be around others, or how active you can be, without becoming overwhelmed. Boundaries can change over time.  Don't be afraid to speak up and let others know what your personal limits are. Be aware of your limitations when sharing your time, make sure that your boundaries are clear and enforced.

Tip #2 Be flexible and be realistic with your expectations. For us planners when we plan things out and something goes wrong it can ruin our entire day. As a reminder if something doesn't work out, that's okay! Take a deep breath, readjust, and remember to live in the moment!

Adjust, plan and be flexible with the people who are important to you.

Tip #3 Coping with the holiday blues. Holidays are a time of happiness and togetherness, they can also be overwhelming, stressful, or negative for other reasons. Holidays can be a time of remembering the loss of people that you love. This is okay, and it's normal remember to continue to practice self-care during this time.

Tip #4 Time to prioritize! There's always lots of fun and exciting holiday activities to take part in. It's okay to take time to slow down and just appreciate and enjoy the time you have with the people you love. You don’t have to participate in everything just the things that matter.

Tip #5 Self-care During the Holidays

1. Rest mentally and physically.

2. Say No. Make your decisions with intention rather than obligation.

3. Practice walking away. This can be helpful when we are alone with our stressful thoughts and even in stressful situations. Overstimulation is a real thing. Don't be afraid to remove yourself from the situation and work through it privately.

4. Make a budget and respect it. Don’t sabotage your financial goals.


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