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Heartbreak or Happiness

February 14th is the day we celebrate love and connection with our spouses, partners, significant others, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés or whatever term you use to identify your romantic relationship. February 14th is also a day of remembering that you don't have a romantic partner to share or receive romantic love from. It could be a day of doom and gloom for you. For some it will be a day of remembering that they are in a rocky or unfulfilling relationship where they don't feel loved, seen or appreciated. For others it could be a reminder of the death of their spouse and the absence of a romantic partner.

Here are a few suggested do's/don'ts:


Feel your feelings cry it out, journal, listen to good music, connect with family, treat yourself well, pamper yourself.


Stalk your Ex, continually visit your ex's IG, FB, watch romantic movies that make you sad, over indulge in alcohol, use drugs to numb, isolate, sit in a sea of negative thoughts resulting in suicidal thoughts or making a plan.

Your feelings are valid. You are valuable. It maybe time for you to self reflect and start your journey of emotional healing and self love.

If this resonates with you and you're ready to start your journey to self discovery and healing call us today 407.230.4582.

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