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Abandonment showing up Again...

Fear of Abandonment showing up in your relationship.

This fear can make you do some really strange things in your relationship.

I wanted to bring some attention to this because so many women show up with these wounds and are unaware it. Most times when you are challenged with the fears of Abandonment is kind of guides your life.

A way to recognize that you maybe challenged with this is if you are using your emotions & self-harm threats and/or behaviors to control the other person or to blackmail the other person because you fear they will leave.

Another way to recognize that you maybe challenge with this is if you leave relationship after relationship after relationship because you fear they will leave so you leave first.

If you find yourself getting flooded and you want to act out by threatening them, blackmailing them or cutting them off....slow down...journal...ask yourself why am I doing this, what just triggered me..?

Fight or Flight? You fight to keep them around or you totally run away... its a work in progress. You need to know the triggering emotions that speak to you saying....they are about to abandon you...

Recognize counterproductive behaviors Understand Triggers Choose to work on it.

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