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Appreciate your Husband Today!

Appreciation is Appreciated. When you appreciate him it makes him feel loved and special. How do you feel when you're appreciated? It's vital that you show your husband how much you appreciate, see and feel his efforts towards you, the kids and the household. Praise can be a big EGO booster for your husband which will definitely change your marriage. After being married for a few years those initial sparks kind of fade. Housework, children, community work, college work etc. causes your attention to move from your husband to your responsibilities outside your home. Staying focused on your marriage takes effort.

Here are a few ways to appreciate him on an ongoing basis:

  1. Accept him and his weaknesses. (not abuse from him)

  2. Don't compare him to other men in/out of his presence

  3. Initiate sex regularly

  4. Surprise him with little gifts that he likes

  5. Create space where he feels that you support his hobbies

Keep in mind whatever we focus on expands. Make him a priority.

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