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Are you where you want to be?

Are You Where You Think You Should Be?

Have you ever stopped and said to yourself…I’m not where I thought I would be by the age that I am now? You ever felt like you’ve wasted your time of things that were fruitless? Now that you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s you take inventory of your life and come to the conclusion that what you expected to be by now has not happened. The career goals, the marriage, the baby, the house, the credit score, the travel plans….it hasn’t happened.

What do you do Now?

1. There really is no shortcut to getting your true desires so stop looking for one.

2. Take ownership in the part you played in the delay of your true desires.

3. Refocus on your true desires. Just because it didn’t happen in your timing doesn’t mean it will not happen.

4. Get help. Get aligned with people who will push and continue to push you in that direction.

5. Get committed to really working on your self development mentally, physically and financially.

Fulfilling your real desires is a process. Forgive yourself and those who you believe to have delayed your process. Of course you will feel disappointed. After you cried, talked about it, received help, prayed about it…it is still your responsibility to get up and get focused to take daily action steps towards your real desires.

If you need additional assistance to take action steps to your real desires then call Cherlette today at 407-230-4582.

Author: Cherlette McCullough

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