Boundaries over Criticism

As you start your week try to create more boundaries and less criticism with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, employees, church family and friends.

1. Omgeee not this again, we've talked about this already. 2. It's so hard having a decent conversation with you. 3. Why are you so dern needy?

Into this: 1. I'm not willing to talk about this right now. 2. This conversation is not feeling well. I am going to take a time out to just think. I am feeling overloaded. I can't finish this right now. 3. I can't respond to your text or call right now. I will call or text you when I'm able. Takes more thought but it preserves relationships and it trains you to be honest and kind vs honest and critical.

If this resonates with you and you want to schedule an appointment with us feel free to call us at 407.230.4582 for a complimentary phone consult.

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