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You can invite him/her to the healing process but you can't force it on them through ultimatums, manipulation or removal of your presence.

As a codependent you will believe that nobody can really accept your love because they are so broken. It feeds into that myth that " I am the perfect person for him/her but they can't recognize it". You are addicted to fixing their problems therefore making you feel "uniquely needed". Aka..problem solver...

Think about it all these "bad people" aka....leeches aren't only attracted to you. You are attracted to them too because the leeches give you the attention you're seeking by being their "rescuer".

You can't continue to go through life as if everyone is using you and don't know your value and only want you around because of your resources....admit it you like this attention are toxic too...

1. Let go of the suffocating super savior mentality

2. Let go of the illusion that being the helper makes you powerful understand that it actually makes you powerless and easily manipulated

3. Get committed to your healing...

Cherlette McCullough

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