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Don't allow bitter women to convince you that good men don't exist

The best way to describe a good man would be one who is loyal, honest, supportive, honest and fun in bed, right? Just a a man who cares and who is internally motivated to work though differences and maintain respect for his lady. This blog is not an effort to victimize men at all. I know this blog may anger a few of you however that is not my intent. I want to encourage you to let go of past experiences and grab a hold of the future that you desire. Of course there are men who are deliberately deceiving women and have no intentions of being a good man.

Just because you have experienced the men who did not value you does not mean you will not capture the attention of the man who will value you. It's not always about the men. The challenge could be you learning how to decide on the best guy to date. Too often we choose to date men based on the obvious, the more tangible vs the intangible.

tangible: looks, clothing, jewelry, voice, cologne, vehicle

intangible: communications, career, relationship with his children, family, generosity, honesty, spirituality

Its time to move away from the butterflies feeling decision process. How many times have those butterflies lead you to the bad guy. I hear women say this often " I like bad boys" and I often reply with : bad boys, don't like you. bad boys only like themselves". You know what you want however your ego tells you go for the bad boy you can change him. In reality men only change when they want to not because of your body shape, dick sucking skills, money or ability to solve all of his problems. Remember this you must be chosen. If you have the mentality that you can can work your way into his heart you are setting yourself up to be manipulated, betrayed and used.

Think about this just because you have not been attracted to a good man does not mean they do not exist. I understand you are bitter or angry because of the experiences you have had. I also understand that its easier to be angry than vulnerable. If you find yourself in this position relationship therapy can help you process the disappointment, forgive yourself and him. Changing the narrative of your future gives you hope and skill on how to date with intangibles in mind vs intangibles.

Good men do exist and I am here to help you enhance your dating decision making skills to attract the good man for you.

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