Ladies are you feeling drained and have no valid reason? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you tired of your day to day routine?

If you answered yes to any of these questions its time to take inventory of your energy sharing.

Here are a few areas to start evaluating:

1. Sleep- how are you sleeping and Resting?

2. People Pleasing- are you putting everyone's needs and wants before your own?

3. Do you have personal boundaries? If so are you implementing & enforcing them?

4. Are you ok with asking for help when needed?

5. Are holding on to past stuff that's weighing you down?

Do a self check and be honest with yourself. Could any of these really be holding you down? Emotional exhaustion is real. Let's get intentional about finding the root of your tiredness so that you can gain good energy again.

You deserve good energy, happiness, joy and happy thoughts.

Do the self check.

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