Energy Drainers....

There are 3 areas that you must remain mindful of as you start your week. These 3 areas can make or break your week based on how you spend your energy.

Physical, Mental and Emotional energy drainers look like:

Physical drains happen when there is a lack of sleep, eating too much junk food, not moving your body enough

Mental drains happen because of procrastination, unmade decisions, mind clutter and lack of preparation, consistently second guessing yourself

Emotional drains happen when you’re holding a grudge, being angry at someone for a long time, grief or paying too much attention to people who are critical of you, comparison based on social media presentations

Be real with yourself, which one of these have been draining you lately?

If this resonates with you and you are ready to work on this area call us today to schedule your next appointment 407.230.4582

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