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Have you checked out? Desire to check back in?

How do you check back in? First of all you must decide is it worth you checking back in. is the person you disconnected from willing to work on the issues at hand. Are you willing to work on the issues? Often, times if you have checked out you have either cheated or have strongly considered cheating. Checking back in can be a long hard road but can be worth the investment. How do a couple regain that spark?

Here are a few steps to start doing to work towards that spark:

Step 1 STOP playing mind games with each other. Stop taking digs at one another

Step 2 EVALUATE your friendship circle. Create a friendship circle that you both can enjoy.

Step 3 BE Honest. If you can not check back in you owe that explanation to your partner.

Step 4 CONSIDER seeking professional for help with gaining tools for better communication, to explore sexual desires etc.

Step 5 CREATE a daily routine that encourages affection and sex

Step 6 MAKE TIME for your spouse, put effort into spending time by being creative with work schedules, church and other outside duties

These steps and others can help you gain the Romance that's needed to regain that Spark in your relationship. This is good frame work to get you both started. As with all things teamwork is the best practice to reach the goal. Hopefully, you and your partner can get on board and work together. If you some reason you or your partner is not willing to work for the re-spark then it may be time for the two of you to go your separate ways. Think about it.

If this resonates with you and you two want help call our office today to schedule your appointment in office or virtually. 407.230.4582. or email us at

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