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How do you know when you are experiencing Burn Out?

Although you can not take a vacation or take a break at this time you but you can still find ways to rest/relax. Finding ways to relax can be beneficial to your wellbeing. Here are a few things that can positively impact your mood, outlook and insight:

  1. Take a Yoga class or do Yoga on demand

  2. Take a Power Nap scheduled or impromptu

  3. Do a fun hobby

  4. Call a friend who lifts your spirit and connect via zoom or facetime

  5. Take a walk, jog or run

  6. Take a bubble bath not a shower

  7. Meet a few friends for Happy Hour

  8. Use PTO days

  9. Be mindful of daily negative conversation

  10. Be mindful of consumption social media, news etc

How are you dealing with your Burn out?

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