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In Laws and the Holidays

Isn’t it normal to want to be accepted by your in-laws?

Not feeling accepted by your mother and father-in-law can bring complications, causing you to feel rejected and uncomfortable around them. If you think about it, you’re joining into a family with a long history of established bonds. Realistically, it can feel like you are the outsider, especially when your in-laws have a strong bond with your spouse’s ex.

If your relationship with your own parents is strong and intact, the one with your mother and father-in-law may never measure up. Don’t make the assumption that the same relationship you have with your parents is the one you will have with your mother and father-in-law.

Rejection by in-laws is emotionally difficult. In reality, you may never be accepted by your in-laws. The most important factor in resolving problems of acceptance by in-laws is your spouse’s support.

When it comes to dealing with in-laws who do not seem to accept you, here are 3 tools to remember:

1. Loving your spouse includes honoring his or her parents.

2. Validate your spouse’s feelings when he/she shares their perception of a situation that took place with your parents/in-laws.

3. Don’t hold negative feelings towards your spouse based on your in-laws actions towards you.

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