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Infertility, Ambition, Marriage

How do we mix infertility, ambition and marriage?

We are taught that the life long plan is to graduate high school, complete college and secure your future with a husband or wife by starting a family.

Securing a career position, landing the spouse of your dreams then you discover you have fertility challenges. It can be emotionally exhausting balancing career and medical appointments along with the motivation to start the fertility journey. This can lead to the question of do I chose my infertility journey over my career? Your ambition can be constrained by starting a new position after a promotion and managing ongoing medical appointments and procedures. Also, having a demanding job where selfcare or rest is not encouraged or supported can cause issues with the infertility journey.

How are you handling the thoughts of an empty uterus that could may never be filled with a baby? How are you managing the thoughts of your body's shortcomings?

Infertility issues can cause stress, anxiety, depression, anger and lack of motivation for connection with your spouse. Oftentimes family, friends and even your spouse can fail to recognize the grief that comes with the inability to conceive, which makes those struggling with infertility issues to hide their sorrows increasing feelings of shame and isolation.

The best way to make room for life and career is to be deliberate in your choices by getting the support you need to manage your negative mindset. Keep in mind that your value is not only in the function of your womb. Don't give up on your mental wellness.

If this resonates with you and you want support call us today to schedule and appointment 407.230.4582.

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