Is He keeping you in the "friend zone" but you're giving them boyfriend benefits?

When you clearly want the relationship to go to the next level and feel that you deserve to be promoted to and exclusive relationship but they refuse. How are you emotionally coping with the reality of this person not wanting to be in an exclusive relationship with you? Be mindful of your efforts single handedly working towards a goal that takes two people to accomplish. Once you have made your partner aware of your desires and it has been made clear that the desires are not mutual, it's time to revisit your long-term relationship goals.

You can be in love and have personal power. Your personal power is that you are not obligated to accept half when you desire whole. It's all apart of life releasing things that do not serve you well. Allowing yourself to stay in this situations causes anxiety, depression, indecisiveness and suicidal thoughts. If it's time to let it go, seek support and do it afraid.

You are capable, you are loveable, you will get through this. You are more valuable than a friend with benefits. You are wife material.

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