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Just not wanting to be bothered....


When it comes to depression, usually we think of low moods or times when we do not want to be bothered by others. Clinical depression is different from just feeling sad due to job loss, breakups, or disappointment. Depression goes beyond a few days of sadness. The low mood and sadness can go on and on for weeks causing problems with work, hygiene, appetite, school etc. It can cause you to not enjoy life or things that once was enjoyable for you. Depression is often described as a feeling of hopelessness

When your sadness seems to linger pass a few days lasting longer than 2 weeks it is time to seek help for further assessment and possible treatment. Go to your primary care doctor and/or make an appointment with your mental health therapist. Some of you may have experienced depression before and now feeling like it has returned. If you are feeling you are dealing with a relapse in depression, it’s time to seek help.

Some of the treatments for depression may include medications, talk therapy, exercise, a healthier diet, better sleep/rest and more.

Here are 3 types of depression diagnosis that I would like to share with you briefly to give you some insight to determine if you may be experiencing any of these. I am not sharing for you to self-diagnose but to give you information to determine if it is time to seek professional help.

1. Major depressive disorder (MDD)- If you experience a loss of enjoyment in activities you used to enjoy, along with a low mood that lasts at least 2 weeks, you might meet the criteria for MDD.

2. Post-Partum Depression- occur in women who have just given birth; postpartum depression can begin in the first month after giving birth. This can also start during pregnancy.

3. Persistent Depressive Disorder- This is where low mood and other depression symptoms are ongoing for at least 2 years.

If you notice a lack of energy or low mood for a period at least 2 weeks you could be experiencing depression. You deserve to feel better, it’s time to seek help for you, your spouse and your family. You have people depending on you and you deserve to be the best you.

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