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Rejection Hurts

Rejection Hurts

It affects our self-worth, self-acceptance, and view of ourselves in all relationships. As a result of experiencing this emotional pain, we cope by trying to avoid it in our future. In efforts to avoid it, we become “perfectionists” & “people-pleasers.” We go on a quest for the perfect mate, perfect look, perfect career, perfect size, etc. We stop asking for what we want with the goal of hiding and pleasing everyone around us.

How do we release the fears that prevent us from fully being who we are? The journey of healing from rejection starts with releasing every experience of rejection that you have ever experienced.

If this resonates with you and you desire help in this area, call Center Peace Couples and Family Therapy today at 321.217.6392 to start the healing process

with your Relationship expert Cherlette McCullough.

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