Relationship Blind Spots....

What are your relationship blind spots?

“blind spot” in the dictionary it says, “An area in which your view is obstructed.”

Blind spots are things that you are unaware of.

We all have blind spots, however the issue is that we don’t know what our blind spots are or how to discover them hence, ending up in the same dysfunctional relationships over and over.

Are you in a relationship having the same arguments and frustrations over and over?

Benefits of knowing your Blind Spots:

Knowing How you’re showing up⁠⁣ in relationships?

Knowing How you’re being perceived⁠⁣ in relationships?

Avoiding time-wasters.

Challenge for you:

Ask 3 people that you trust how do you show up in relationships. Are you rude, self centered, too giving, are you loving? Once you get answers, be accountable and ask yourself is this information true?

Identifying your blind spots and understanding them heightens your self-awareness.

If this resonates with you and you want to work on this call us today 407-230-4582.


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