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Self care is not Always Fun

In just 3 days it will be May 1st. Do yourself a good service and incoporate more self care than you did in April. Self care is sometimes confused with self-indulgence activities or anything that's fun. Well, self care is not always enjoyable. So, going to the Dr is not always enjoyable due to unwanted results etc but its selfcare...Right? Selfcare is about doing something healthy and restorative that takes care of our physical, emotional,mental and spritual needs.

Many of us who struggle with perfectionism have created serious barriers by setting unrealistic expectations on ourselves preventing us from allowing ourselves to believe that we do get physically/mentally tired, that we can't give and give and give without ever receiving. We have trained ourselves to push through, suck it up...finish the project, attain the goal no matter how burnt out you are...finish it...

Selfcare is vital to our happiness and health. You are a priority. If you don't believe it ....keep affirming it daily say it "I am a Priority".

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