Should you work on it or let it go?

In Dr. John Gottman's book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work he lists these 6 most common areas of marital conflict. See the list and my suggestions to deal with these 6 areas.

1. Work Stress- allow your spouse time to decompress after work..

2. Money- you 2 must work as a team with finances..

3. In-laws- side with your spouse, put them 1st. Don't allow your parents to bully or berate them...

4. Sex- a very tender area of marriage, both need to have fun, be valued and enjoy...closeness is KEY...

5. Housework- you 2 must create a sense of teamwork & fairness

6. Phone use-if your spouse mentions that your phone use is too much, don't ignore it...make a change...

Hope this help you to become aware of challenges in your marriage and the courage to work on them.

Value your spouse, honor your union stay committed.

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