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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

When it comes to your mental health do you notice that your mood is sensitive? Do you associate fall & winter with negative experiences? Seasonal shifts can cause mood changes & trigger anxiety.

Are you experiencing seasonal depression?

As we experience the cold & earlier darkness you might start feeling lower and lower. If there is no relief

this may not just be a funk.

**** Pay attention to your mood****

SAD=seasonal affective depression is a real diagnosis that we (clinicians) see alot during this time.

It often happens at the end of daylight savings time when there is reduced exposure to light and mood boosting sunlight as result it can trigger changes in tye brains chemistry causing SADNESS.

Here are a few tips mental health tips for fall and winter:

Stay connected to your support people.

Allow sunlight in ie open your curtains, take a walk

Find things to look forward to.

Seek therapy.

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