Wanted: A husband. Right?

Are you ready for marriage?

To assess your Readiness ask yourself these questions? Grab a few friends and have a real conversation around these questions...

1. What are your triggers and how do you act once you're triggered?

2. What are your feelings about opposite sex friends? Be honest.

3. What are your true feelings about in-laws?

4. What's your tolerance level for stepchildren and coparenting?

5. How do you view money?

6. What are your expectations as it relates to household roles, chores, sex?

7. How do you express your anger? When things don't go as you planned do you give up?

8. What is your definition of cheating?

9. Are you able to articulate and describe what you need from him and why?

10. Are you able to identify love vs lust, do you believe that divorce is an option & why?

I encourage you to be honest. Self awareness is the best start on the journey to marriage. If you don't have a full understanding of who you are how would you know what you can and will tolerate in a relationship. The more you know yourself the higher your chances are of allowing the right man in your life.

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