What's making you STAY???

What's making you stay in those relationships that you know it's time to Let go?

Do you feel chained to that person on group of people that causes high anxiety, that abuse you emotionally and physically, that do not value you, that do not support you?

Time invested in a relationship is not a valid reason to continue the relationship in hopes of it getting better. Time invested is not an indicator that the relationship will get better. The relationship can only get better if the two people in the relationship make a decision to change individually and as a couple. Think about things these things when it comes to relationship alignment goals, respect, mutual respect, safety and connection.

If it's time to end it please think this through

  1. Identify your support group

  2. Allow your support group to help you

  3. Create a plan to end the plan with support

  4. Take action in realistic way

Get the support you need. Your deserve it.

Center Peace-we help you find joy, peace and a better understanding of who you are. 407.230.4582

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